Dragon Boy by Martin Hsu

We finally have a sneak peak at the completed proto-sculpt of Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy figure. The figure was sculpted by Vin Teng and captures Dragon Boy’s cheeky and youthful personality perfectly!

The scuplt was on display at Hsu’s ‘Dragon Boy show’ which was held at Dragatomi a few nights back, and was displayed amongst a host of other Dragon Boy paintings and drawings.

There is talk that this completed vinyl toy might be ready for 2012 San Diego Comic Con, and I can’t wait!

You can also now go to Martin’s website and purchase some Dragon Boy artwork from the show.

Follow Martin Hsu on Twitter : @MartinHsu
Become a fan of his on FaceBook :  FaceBook/MartinHsu

Update: Added a few new images to the gallery from the show itself. Check them out!!

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