A Dunny-full Proposal

I love stories like these. A couple in love, and a crafty gentleman who decides to surprise his fiancée-to-be with a novel proposal through a passion they both love - vinyl toys (or dunnys, to be exact!).

Vaughan Leiberum came up with the idea to suprise his future fiancé, Jacky Burt, who is an avid KidRobot dunny fan, with this unique proposal in 2010 already. Vaughan admits that it took quite a long time to prepare the whole surprise and make the ‘proposal dunnys’ as authentic as possible. The only people who knew about it were his immediate family, as he had to do most of the construction in secret on the weekends at his folks place.

Vaughan notes that design of the Bride & Groom were tricky, as he had to make the designs as good as possible, while not too challenging to execute and airbrush on the 3” figures. Once the designs were completed for the dunny packaging, he went ahead with the dunnys themselves.

Once Vaughan organised two dunnys, he stripped all the artwork using thinners which gave him a blank canvas to work on. Using basic pencil lines to draw the initial outlines, and masking areas that need painting, the whole process took a couple months, Vaughan notes, as having to do it all in secret and wait for the different layers of paints and colours to dry during the different steps of the process.

Once the dunnys were ready, Vaughan printed and prepared the dunny packaging, carefully placed the proposal ring in the groom’s hand, and sealed the surprise in the standard KidRobot foil you would expect to find in a dunny blind box. Vaughan had created a super unique and convincing 2-piece dunny set, and all was ready to go!

'Jacky was completely surprised!', says Vaughan. With all his careful attention to detail and time taken to prepare the dunny set, his fiancé was for a while still convinced that the dunny's were officially produced by KidRobot themselves, and all that Vaughan did was add the ring. This was his biggest compliment he received, and no doubt made all the preparation worth while!

Of course Jacky said yes when he followed the surprise with the official question, and the engaged couple are currently planning their wedding for sometime in 2012, with the dunnys joining the celebration and residing ontop of the wedding cake.:)

I admire when people’s passion and hobbies find their way and play a part into peoples big life moments. This is definitely a proposal that is one to remember and would stand out from the rest, purely because of the passion behind it and uniqueness of it all.

I wish Vaughan Leiberum, and his fiancé Jacky Burt, all the best for the marriage, and wish them a happy life together! Look forward to seeing these guys on the wedding cake! ;)

Click on the images at the top to see all the pictures in the gallery.

Click on the link below to visit Vaughan’s official Flickr page which have these photos, as well as many others!
LaertesCTB on Flickr

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